Homefront: The Revolution – Latest update adds two new missions to Resistance Mode

Dambuster Studios has released a new update for Homefront: The Revolution. According to its changelog, this update adds two new missions to the Resistance Mode. In addition, this patch comes with various fixes and improvements. This patch will be auto-downloaded from Steam, and you can read its complete changelog below.

Homefront: The Revolution – Patch 1.06 Changelog:

  • Resistance Mode Map Pack #1 – 2 new missions, titled “Triage” & “Three Birds” are included
  • Fix for missing map icons in Ashgate
  • Fix for a vehicle blocking the SAM launcher convoy
  • Performance optimisation on the mini map
  • Save stall optimisation
  • Autosave disabled on revive
  • Animation performance optimisation
  • Lighting optimisation
  • Vehicle creation optimisation
  • General bug fixes in Resistance Mode
  • Fix for multiple binded keys being changed