Hitman 2 November 2019 Update adds AMD FidelityFX support for both NVIDIA and AMD, reduces DX12 CPU usage

IO Interactive has released a brand new update for Hitman 2. According to the release notes, the November 2019 update adds support for the AMD FidelityFX tech. Moreover, it reduces DX12 CPU usage and improves DX12 Shader Cache.

Going into more details, AMD’s FidelityFX Contrast-Adaptive Sharpening recovers high frequency features lost during temporal anti-aliasing to provide a rich, detailed image. As the team noted, all players can take advantage of this support, regardless of their choice of graphics card. In other words, yes; NVIDIA owners can also take advantage of it. Gamers can toggle this setting between Off, Weak, Moderate or Strong in the ‘Graphics’ Menu.

On the other hand, the team has reduced CPU usage, which can improve framerates in certain CPU bound situations. In addition, GPU memory usage has been significantly reduced on NVIDIA cards. Furthermore, the team has made some changes that will reduce the time it takes to launch the game on DX12. Players will immediately notice this the first time after upgrading a graphics driver, downloading a game update or a completely fresh launch.

Last but not least, IO Interactive stated that its PC community has reported that the DX12 performance is not as good as it was previously. The team was able to reproduce this and it is working on a hotfix. Thus, this upcoming hotfix will improve DX12 performance.

You can find the full release notes for Hitman 2’s November 2019 update here.