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The Highly Anticipated GMDX v8.0 Mod For Deus Ex Is Now Available

Modder |Totalitarian| has released the latest version for his amazing GMDX mod for Deus Ex. GMDX is described as an award-winning large-scale modification for Deus Ex, and comes with huge gameplay enhancements, improvements and tweaks.

According to its creator, GMDX addresses the many flaws of the game, polishes it to a very high standard, and adds new layers of depth that one would have hoped to see in a sequel.

“GMDX is executed with the strict parameter of staying true to the original design principles that define Deus Ex, and seeks to improve all aspects of design excluding the plot and soundtrack. The cumulative result thus far is said to be, and aims to be the “definitive Deus Ex experience”.”

Those interested can download the latest version of GMDX from here.

You can view one hell of videos, showcasing the new features of this mod, here.

Have fun!