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Deus Ex – GMDX Mod Version 0.8 Releases December 20th, Gets Tons Of Videos Showcasing New Features

Deus Ex fans, here is something for you today. A really interesting mod for this classic title is coming towards your way. According to its description, GMDX addresses the many flaws of the game, polishes it to a very high standard, and adds new layers of depth. This mod will be released on December 20th, and below you can find lots of videos showcasing its features, tweaks and enhancements that will be implemented in Deus Ex. It looks cool, so be sure to watch the videos. Enjoy!

GMDX Unveiling Part 1: Artificial Intelligence

GMDX Unveiling Part 2: Player-Controlled Mechanics

GMDX Unveiling Part 3: Simulated Systems and Effects

GMDX Unveiling Part 4: Weaponry

GMDX Unveiling Part 5: RPG Systems

GMDX Unveiling Part 6: Level Design & Graphics

GMDX Unveiling Part 7: Audio Design & User Interface

GMDX Unveiling Part 8: Preferences & Miscellaneous