Here Is Super Mario Powered By NVIDIA’s HairWorks Tech In UE4 + Super Mario NVIDIA Flex Techdemo

YouTube’s member ‘CryZENx’ has shared two really interesting and fun Unreal Engine 4 demos. The first demo shows NVIDIA’s HairWorks tech applied in Super Mario. The second demo puts Super Mario into a Flex Tech demo, thus giving players the chance to mess around with NVIDIA’s fluid tech.

Both of these demos look cool and you can find download links for both of them below.

Those interested can download the Super Mario HairWorks demo from here and the Flex Tech demo from here.

CryZENx used Super Mario’s model from Smash Bros 4 for WiiU.


Unreal Engine 4 [4.8] Super Mario / Nvidia Flex Techdemo + Download link

Unreal Engine 4 [4.8] Super Mario / Nvidia HairWorks + Download link