Here Is How Realistic BeamNG’s Soft Body Physics Solution Actually Is

CryEngine 3 physics
A lot of gamers criticized BeamNG’s Soft Body Physics Engine. Some of them thought it was ‘too floaty’ while others claimed that it was not realistic at all. Thankfully, Reddit’s member ‘VideoJugs’ has made a side-by-side comparison between a real crash and a digital crash from BeamNG’s tech demo. The crash – as you will see for yourselves after the jump – is pretty identical, so BeamNG has delivered.
Now we don’t claim that BeamNG’s physics solution is perfect. For example, we can notice a lot of clipping between the car’s parts and that some parts of the car shake after a crash. Still, keep in mind that this engine – and game – is still under beta phase, so things will get improved. For what is worth, though, BeamNG’s soft body physics is the closest we can get to the real thing.