Here are the graphics settings that are currently available in the PC version of Destiny 2

As we’ve already said, Activision and Bungie showcased the PC version – alongside the console version – during the Destiny 2’s gameplay premiere event. And below, you can find the graphics settings that were available in that early build.

This may be an indication of the graphics settings that will be available in the final build of the game, though Bungie may remove or add even more options.

In this early build, those who attended Activision’s event could adjust the quality of Graphics, Texture Anisotropy, Ambient Occlusion, Motion Blur, Anti-Aliasing, Textures, Foliage, Environment, Character, Shadows, Depth of Field, Foliage Shadows, Lighting Shading, Local Light and Wind Impulse.

Kudos to Konstantinos for informing us and YouTube’s ‘Arekkz Gaming’ for revealing the settings!

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