Here Are The First Details For The New Doom Game, Straight From QuakeCon 2014

During this year’s QuakeCon 2014, Bethesda revealed the first details for id Software’s upcoming Doom game that will be powered by id Tech 6. According to Marty Stratton, this new game will be called Doom and not Doom 4. In short, Marty confirmed that this will be some kind of a reboot of the franchise.

“Everyone at Id is excited to finally show you what in the hell do *you* need to be told about the heritage and legacy of DOOM?” said Marty and continued:

“Doom is an origin game, about fast, FAST paced combat. It’s about amazing guns and blood and gore and gibs. It’s the Doom game that we want to make and what you want to play.”

This means that Doom – contrary to Doom 3 – will feature lots of enemies on screen with lots of gore and gibs. Which is good because… this is Doom.

Ironically, this is the second reboot of the franchise. Guess Doom 3 did not pay off after all.

According to Marty, the game’s demons will be crazy and they are described as unbelievable mechanical demons built through corrupt UAC experiments.

Each of the demons is designed to create a unique combat experience.

As you’d expect, the game will feature lots of guns. Doom will sport both conventional and futuristic guns. Oh, and there will be some ‘BIG’ guns.

Marty claimed that Doom will be a fast-paced games and that players won’t have – and want – to sit behind a barrel and wait for their health to regenerate. So no, there won’t be any health regeneration system in Doom. Oh, and there will be a lot of strafing.

Troy Swanson – who was present at Quakecon – claimed that Bethesda had a demo unit up and running. So yes, Doom is a thing and was showcased at QuakeCon 2014. Whether someone will manage to leak some footage from it is still unknown.

In addition, the art style of this new Doom game – or at least the demo that is being shown running on PC – is a lot like Doom 3 as there is blood on the floors, and particle effects everywhere.

What also surprised was the fact that there will be major body dismemberment. During the demo, the Doom guy ‘ripped the arm off of a dead corpse so that he could use the hand for biometric scanning.’ During another scene, a shotgun blast ‘blew a demon in two, after first blowing off his head.’ Players will also be able to cut right through demons.

Melee combat returns and there will be some close encounters as the game features a karate mechanic. Ironically, it seems that id Software was inspired by Brutal Doom as there will be some sort of fatalities in this new Doom title. Furthermore – and during the demo – there was a scene with tons of demons in a battle, during which the Doom guy was switching between plasma rifle and shogun depending on the range of enemy.

Marty also claimed that id Software targets 1080p + 60fps on both current-gen consoles.