Hellgate Open Beta Begins on June 30th

HanbitSoft has just announced that Hellgate’s Open Beta Phase for North American and European audiences will begin on June 30th. Those interested in joining this Open Beta should visit the game’s Official Site.
The Open Beta will include two new game modes – the PvP Duel Area and the zombie-infested Cow Room. Duel Area allows players to participate in a player-vs.-player mode whereas the Cow Room will be crawling with a team of zombies, where players must remain vigilant and slay the Cow Room boss and his zombie cronies.
Furthermore, The Guild Reservoir event will encourage teamwork and collaboration as guilds with 30 or more members join together to earn rewards, while The Daily Supplies event will run for one month and will scatter daily supplies ranging from Resurrection scrolls to Power message abilities around the Greenwich headquarters.
Last but not least, To Level in Hell will challenge players to level up as fast as they can until level 20, whereas the Open Beta’s final event will be called Level and Be Rewarded and will bestow special prizes on all players who reach level 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, and 50.