Hellblade’s devs surprised by the PC sales, despite developing it as primarily a Playstation 4 game

Back in November 2017, we reported about the sale numbers of Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. As we stated back then, almost 50% of the sales were coming from the PC platform, something that Ninja Theory has officially confirmed. Not only that, but the developers were really – pleasantly – surprised by the game’s PC sales.

As chief creative director Tameem Antoniades told PCGamer, the team never expected the PC version to sell as much as its PS4 version did.

“We did see this as primarily a PlayStation 4 title, and we thought that platform would be the bulk of our sales, and in fact it was pretty evenly split. So going forward, we will make sure that we get our interface and everything right for the PC audience as well.”

What also surprised Ninja Team was the amount of gamers that played this game with keyboard+mouse. As we’ve already said, third-person games can benefit from this control scheme and Ninja Theory acknowledged the game’s initial control issues.

“We were so surprised that so many people played the game with mouse and keyboard, and we dropped the ball a little bit at the start. We patched it afterwards, but we dropped the ball with our mouse and keyboard support.”