A Way Out

Hazelight: “A Way Out has sold two million copies worldwide, new co-op game under development”

Hazelight Studios has announced that A Way Out has sold more than two million copies. In addition, the team has announced that it is working on a brand new co-op game. Do note, however, that this new co-op game will not be a sequel to A Way Out.

My guess is that Hazelight will reveal its new title either at Gamescom 2019 or at The Video Game Awards. Let’s not forget that the first gameplay trailer for A Way Out was revealed at the VGA 2017 event.

It’s also worth noting that in April 2018, the game surpassed one million copies. As such, it took the team over a year in order to hit its two million milestone.

In case you aren’t aware of, A Way Out was a two-player experience in which each player controls one of the main characters. Players must work together to escape the prison and continue beyond into each character’s lives.

Congratulations to Hazelight for selling two million copies, and let’s hope that its unannounced co-op title will be as good as A Way Out was!