A Way Out

A Way Out has sold one million copies worldwide

Hazelight has announced that its co-op adventure game, A Way Out, has sold one million copies worldwide. A Way Out came out on March 23rd and it took Hazelight 3 weeks in order to hit the one million milestone.

Developed by the team behind the critically-acclaimed indie title, Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons, players will take on the role of Leo and Vincent in A Way Out and must work together through their riveting escape from prison and beyond.

A Way Out’s compelling split-screen story follows the relationship between the brash and cocky Leo, and the calm, cool and in-control Vincent; their distinct personalities changing the way players will be able to interact with their surroundings beyond the prison walls. From high-stakes stealth passages, intense brawls and shootouts, to co-op fishing and mini-games, A Way Out is an emotional cinematic experience filled with action-packed moments that are balanced by fun, unique gameplay to be discovered.

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