Hardware: Shipbreakers Is Now An Official Homeworld Title, To Be Named Homeworld: Shipbreakers

Gearbox and Blackbird Interactive announced in PAX Prime 2013 that Hardware: Shipbreakers, the spiritual successor to Homeworld, will be an official Homeworld game and will be renamed to Homeworld: Shipbreakers. Moreover – and as noted by Polygon – Gearbox will help Blackbird finalize the game with the help of financial and production resources.
As Randy Pitchford said:
“These guys have been funded by private equity, but it’s clear it was going to take many millions of dollars more. We’re giving them the brand and the resources to make this happen. Now, these guys are cooking and with the money they have now, they can grow the team.”
Blackbird CEO Rob Cunningham added:
“Hardware, in all respects, was Homeworld. It looked, sounded and felt the same, but we wanted to take that style and experience further. When [Gearbox] acquired the property, it coincided with when we needed to find a partner.”
All that remains to be seen now is whether Blackbird will be able to surpass its previous Homeworld game, and whether Shipbreakers will be a successful successor on all fronts.
Enjoy, and stay tuned for more!
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