Hardware: Shipbreakers – First Gameplay Footage Revealed

Back in March, we informed you about Hardware; a new 3D RTS from the creators of Homeworld and the Executive Producer of Homeworld 2. Well, the game has been given a subtitle and is now called Hardware: Shipbreakers. Moreover, Blackbird Interactive has revealed a trailer that gives us a first look at the gameplay behind Hardware: Shipbreakers.
According to its description, in the initial exploration of LM-27, the player discovers a mysterious shipwreck of epic proportions. How did this planet become a derelict spaceship graveyard? What conflict lies ahead? And who is responsible for this?
As the developers noted, the camera movement and gameplay footage is all in-game, real-time gameplay capture.
In other words, this is what the game will look like.
Hardware: Shipbreakers is currently planned for a PC release.
HARDWARE Shipbreakers Episode 3 - First Contact - Gameplay Preview Trailer