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Halo Reach PC Insider flight beta build has been leaked online, 343 will ban those that play it

Yesterday, we informed you about the launch of the first flight/beta program for Halo Reach PC. And today, 343 Industries revealed that this beta build for Halo Reach PC has been leaked and illegally distributed online.

343 Industries notes that those that play this leaked beta build will get banned, and will be removed from current and all future 343 programs.

“It has come to our attention that the Halo Insider flight has been illegally distributed online. If you download or play this illegal copy, we have the right to ban all associated accounts and remove you from all current or future 343 programs.”

For those wondering, this first beta build for Halo Reach PC features an updated version of the build 343 Industries brought to E3 earlier this month which includes the Halo: Reach campaign mission “Tip of the Spear” and nothing more.

Halo Reach is the first game that will be released on the PC via the Halo: The Master Chief Collection. 343 Industries has also shared a video showcasing this campaign in 4K and with 60fps, so we strongly suggest watching it instead of playing the leaked beta (especially if you are part of the team’s Insider Flighting program).


Halo: Reach PC 4K Playthrough | Tip of the Spear