Halo Online Revealed – Free-To-Play FPS Exclusively for the PC, Powered by Reworked Halo 3 Engine

Syber Interactive Studio and publisher Innova revealed today a free-to-play multiplayer first-person shooter based on the Halo franchise, called Halo Online. Halo Online will be coming exclusively on the PC, is powered by a reworked version of the Halo 3 Engine, and will be coming to Russia (though a European release is not excluded as of yet).

This information comes straight from the Russian website SHAZOO (who attended today’s Innova presentation).

Here is what SHAZOO revealed about Halo Online (via Google translate):

  • The game will include special packages and abilities: fighting, safety and support.
  • The system is similar to the perks Call of Duty.
  • Characters have levels, but what is the maximum – not reported
  • Maps are designed specifically for Halo Online, while designed for 16 people.
  • During the entrance to the card players get a job: to kill the head, jump 10 times, and so.
  • On the map you can find different weapons: Bazooka example, which replaces the pistol slot.
  • During the spawn, you can change the class and weapons
  • After the murder of cards with the player who killed you
  • There are attacks from the back
  • We continue to update the post
  • Syber Interactive engaged in the development of Peter
  • The game is focused on Russia and the CIS, is not excluded release in Europe
  • For classes have 5 slots. Two is available immediately, and the rest are opened as pumping
  • On the maps, there are two so-called powerfull-arms on the map: grenade, for example
  • Weapons are purchased at a time, all armor
  • The game has a lobby system, where you can gather with friends and fight with them
  • The game runs on a reworked engine of Halo 3
  • When the gun lying on the floor, it has an aura: green – accuracy, red – Done. This is done to ensure that the player is not standing and reading characteristics of the weapons – which is better or worse
  • The game is currently melenkie card without technology, but in the future will be added to the large appliances.
  • Each piece of armor has its own parameters: speed of movement on the shoes or gloves at the rate of recharge
  • The plot and PVE mission has not been considered
  • The game currently supports only one language – Russian. Will map where the battle will go on the territory of Russia


Here are some details about this Halo online game. This is the real deal, as Microsoft is co-distributing the game in Russia. There is also an official FAQ for Halo Online that can be read here.

-Game was presented by 343 themselves
-Closed Beta will start “very soon”
-Team Slayer and Assassinations modes confirmed
-Backstabbing confirmed
-There will be trials and missions like “kill 30 enemies today”. Typical f2p fashion.
-Microsoft is co-distributing the game in Russia
-One of the game locations is Russian city


Here is the first official artwork from Halo Online