Halo Gets Updated With Better Visuals Thanks To Its Modding Community

Halo CE Anniversary
Remember that E3 trailer of the first Halo? Man, was that something or what? Halo was the first game that made 3DFX realize that 32bit coloring would be essential for newer titles, and it was the game that most PC gamers were looking forward to. To put it simple; we love the first Halo game, as well as its OST. And it seems we are not the only ones, as this relatively old title keeps getting mods that attempt to overhaul its visuals.
YouTube’s member ‘nosindustries’ has posted a video, showcasing a mashup of some graphical mods for Halo: Combat Evolved. Unfortunately,¬†nosindustries did not provide any link for those interested in downloading this mod, meaning that you’ll have to wait a little bit more.
The following video shows off the new graphical features that Halo modders have managed to implement, such as updated bitmapping, shaders, better particle effects, and higher-poly models. In addition, the video comes with scenes from the vanilla version in order to further wow us with the overhauled visuals.
Halo: HD Rat Race comparison