Halo 4 PC Denied; Not Coming To The PC According To Microsoft

Well, it was to be expected. Halo 4 has just been launched on X360 and in attempt to further push its sales, Microsoft has stated that the game will not come to the PC. According to Penny-Arcade, a Microsoft spokesperson told them that Halo 4 will not be ported to the PC platform because the game has been designed for the X360 system. Which sounds similar to Microsoft’s excuse about the – temporarily – absence of Alan Wake from the PC (remember that sofa-thing and how the game was meant to be played?).
Truth be told, we’ve seen such statements and in the past. Remember how Gears of War was never going to be ported to the PC? Or Halo 1 & 2? Or Star Wars: The Force Unleashed? Or Alan Wake? However, we are certain – at this point – that Halo 4 won’t come to our beloved platform anytime soon, despite those earlier hints by MS itself. As we said back then, MS could be lying – in order to push forward its PC gaming systems sales. Or that the image could be a mistake, made by the website designer.
It all comes down to this though; Halo is a killer-IP for X360 – an IP that can sell a lot of consoles. It’s only natural that MS wants to keep it exclusively on X360, otherwise a lot of gamers would not be purchasing this console. And, obviously, MS would be losing a lot of money.
Now some of you might say that the big publisher and console manufacturer could offer those Halo-games to PC gamers when X720 hits stores. However, MS is certainly thinking of taking advantage of this franchise in order to support its new console. And that is perhaps why we might not see, ever, a new Halo game on the PC. Unless of course MS pulls another ‘Halo 2’ on us!