GTA IV Mods – Iron Man IV Released – “the most intense and immersive PC mod ever”

GTA IV Iron Man IV
GTA fans, this is for you. Modders H1Vltg3 and JulioNIB have released the Iron Man IV mod for GTA IV, a mod that is said to be “the most intense and immersive PC mod ever created for Grand Theft Auto IV/EFLC”.
H1Vltg3 was responsible for Iron Man Armors, HUD, Tests, and Ideas, while JulioNIB was responsible for the mod’s script.
This mod features:
-Iron Man Armors
-Shoulder Darts
-Mini Rockets
-Hand Repulsor Beam
-Chest Repulsor Beam
-Flight Ability
-Ability to call Ally to help you
-Flying enemies
-Dynamic Iron Man style HUD
-Xbox 360 Controller Support
From our part, we have to say that Iron Man IV does look interesting. Ah, the things modders can come up with. This is precisely why games should be open to mods.
Those interested can download it from here.
Iron Man IV - Launch Trailer