Mortal Kombat PC Announcement Imminent, Steam Directory Updated Last Friday

Mortal Kombat
It’s a great day today everyone. It seems that NetherRealm Studios and Warner Bros will be announcing the PC version of Mortal Kombat 9 in the coming days, as the game’s Steam directory has been updated last Friday. All of the game’s achievements have been transferred, therefore it’s only a matter of time until Warner Bros spills the beans.
We’ve also contacted Ed Boon about this whole thing, who did not comment at all. As we all know, Steam’s registry rarely lies and Warner Bros could easily take that directory down. Instead, the publisher has updated the directory, further proving that something is going on in the background.
At this point, we are certain that Mortal Kombat will be released on the PC. Yes, it took a while but we are happy that we’ll be finally playing it on our beloved platform.
Enjoy and stay tuned for more!
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