GTA IV Mods – Gostown Paradise, Back To The Future & Anderius Alien Map

GTA4 Modded v2
Our reader Jonathan Gustafsson about some new mods for GTA IV. The first one is a bit old and we’ve already featured it in DSOGaming, and is no other than the Back To The Future mod. This mod comes with a working Delorean car with which gamers can actually travel in time.
The second mod is a map called ‘Anderius Alien Map’. This map features one giant alien state that is filled with lots of vehicles. Think of it as the alien version of the Gostown mod for San Andreas.
And speaking of Gostown, modder Garju67 has released a new beta version of his Gostown Paradise mod for GTA IV. Gostown Paradise is a map that sports a huge island with a city in sum, forests and beaches. This map was originally released for San Andreas, but Garju67 has tweaked, upgraded and enhanced for GTA IV. Those interested can download it from here.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Back To The Future Delorean Time Machine (MOD) HD

GTA IV - Anderius Alien Map Converted To RAGE (MOD) HD

Grand Theft Auto IV - Gostown 6 Beta ² ' Exclusive Gameplay 2 HD