GTA III comes to GTA IV (RAGE Engine) with some amazing mods

A lot of GTA fans believe that the third part (and first full 3D game of the series) was the best. Naturally, most of them wanted to experience it with better graphics and thankfully there are currently two projects that aim to offer just that. The first one is called GTA III RAGE and has been in development since July 2011. The second one is a brand new project that may look similar to GTA III RAGE, but it’s a completely different approach from a different modder (and features a mix between Liberty City Stories and GTA III). This second mod has barely been started and the following video shows a part of the city of GTA III that has been converted to the RAGE engine.
Those interested can follow GTA III RAGE here. The second mod does not have any website (or sub-forum in GTAForums) yet but we’ll keep you posted about its development!
GTA IV - GTA 3 (Liberty City Stories) in RAGE HD