Grim Dawn’s Kickstarter Ends; All Stretch Goals Achieved

Action hack n slash RPG fans, get ready for a treat. Grim Dawn’s Kickstarter campaign has ended and has managed to hit all of its stretch goals. The initial goal of this campaign was $280K USD and ex-Titan Quest developers have managed to earn $530K USD. As a result of that, Grim Dawn will feature dual wielding pistols, additional end-game boss monsters lurking somewhere out there in the darkness for you to find, a new environment set that players will get to decide on, and 4 additional monster types.
In addition, Grim Dawn will come with three large, high-level dungeons, each with its own theme and named hero monster (the dungeon entrances will randomly appear in the world). A new survivor town will be added and will be hidden in the remote wilderness for players to discover (will include a new faction group and new quest-lines to unlock once you’ve gained their trust).
Furthermore, Grim Dawn will sport a new faction and story-line, as well as a new gameplay mode that will be free for all backers, called Survival Mode. Survival Mode will be released after the game’s launch and will support co-op.
Grim Dawn is planned for an August 2013 release.
Stay tuned for more!