GRID 2 – Community Patch Will Bring Mod Support

Grid 2 v4
Well, this is a nice surprise. Codemasters announced that it will be bringing mod support to GRID 2 via its upcoming Community Patch. This is the first time that a Codemasters racing title will be officially supporting mods. Yes, we’ve got some brilliant mods for Codies’ previous racing games, but now they will be officially supported. So that’s good news all around.
As Codemasters stated:
“This is our first step into supporting mods and it’ll be a learning process for us. So we’ll be looking to get your feedback along the way and we’ll make improvements over time where possible. When the tools are at your disposal, do let us know what you think. Above all else we look forward to seeing what you create.”
Kudos to PCGamer and VG247 for spotting it.
Here is the changelog for this upcoming Community patch. No ETA has been given as of yet!
-Increased rewards in Custom Playlist
-A new playlist titled ‘Hardcore’
-Level cap raise to 99
-Fastest lap times have been included for online play
-A host of liveries previously restricted to single player will now be available in multiplayer
-The maximum number of laps allowed in a race has been increased from 5 to 10
-Veto weighting has been changed and now only requires 51% of the vote
-Country flags have been included next a player’s name plate online
-Reward for racing cleanly has been increased
-A vote to kick option has been included
-You can now skip the level up graphic
-Modding Support v1.0 [PC Only]
-Various bug fixes and background improvements