Gray Dawn releases on June 7th

Interactive Stone has announced that its upcoming first-person horror game, Gray Dawn, will release on June 7th. In order to celebrate this announcement, the team has also released a new video that showcases 8 minutes of gameplay footage.

In this first-person atmospheric thriller, you play as Father Abraham, a Swedish-born priest who is suspected of murdering one of the altar boys. Players will interact with objects and solve puzzles that will help them progress in order to prove their innocence and find out the mystery behind the missing boy. Throughout the game, players will explore both real and unreal universes that will bring them in the middle of the war between delusion and truth.

The game takes place around the year 1920, in a remote village in England. Each time you remember the boy or hear about being accused of murder, you go into a trance fueled by fear. These moments of madness depict gore, repulsion towards God, and sometimes even the voice of the devil himself trying to convince you of things that may or may not be lies.


Gray Dawn – Official Gameplay Footage