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Grand Theft Auto V Sells 2 Million Copies on PC in Less than a Month

Despite the controversy surrounding its late release, it appears that Rockstar’s open-world title is selling well on the PC. In less than a month, Rockstar has managed to sell 2 million copies of GTA V (according to SteamSpy’s stats).

For comparison purposes, GTA IV has 3.5 million sold copies on Steam. Therefore, it’s almost safe to say that GTA V will top every other GTA game on Steam, especially when we start getting more interesting mods for it.


Do note that these numbers do not include copies that were sold outside of Steam (thus the total sold copies of both GTA V and GTA IV may be even higher).

The PC version of GTA V was delayed almost two years. Still, Rockstar did not drop the ball and offered an amazing PC version; a PC version that does not suffer from all those awful performance issues found on its predecessor.

You can read our PC Performance Analysis here. Those interested can also purchase the game from GreenManGaming.

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