Grand Theft Auto V feature

Grand Theft Auto V – PC Version Sports Increased Draw Distance & Higher Resolution Textures

Yesterday we shared a video comparison between the PC and the PS4 versions of GTA V. While it’s still too early to draw any conclusions, it became quite obvious that the PC version will sport better visuals than the current-gen console versions. Among the upcoming enhancements – that Rockstar has not officially revealed yet – will be higher resolution textures and an increased draw distance (and perhaps more on screen cars and pedestrians).

As we can see below, the PC version will feature a higher draw distance than the one found on both PS4 and Xbox One. Current-gen console is on the left whereas PC version is on the right.

Moreover, the PC version sports noticeably higher resolution textures than the current-gen console version as we can see below.

Do note that this comparison is based on the official GTA V PC screenshots and some direct-feed images from the PS4 version of GTA V. Whether Rockstar has ‘touched up’ the PC screenshots remains a mystery.

GTA V releases this March on the PC!