Grand Theft Auto V Modding – OpenIV 2.5 Now Supports GTA V, Lets Modders View Encrypted Files

Modder ‘GooD-NTS’ – OpenIV lead developer – has released a new version of OpenIV with support for Grand Theft Auto V. This new version of OpenIV lets modders view files as they can open archives and textures. Unfortunately, modders won’t be able to edit features (at least for now), but this is definitely good news as it opens up the possibility of bringing mods to GTA V.

As GooD-NTS wrote on GTAForums:

“Okay, no big speeches today, right to the business. OpenIV 2.5 first release with support PC version of GTA V. Currently you can only view files, edit features are not available now. You can open archives and textures, the other resources will come later. The audio playback is also not available now. Please keep in mind it is just a beginning.”

Those interested can download this new version of OpenIV from here.


OpenIV 2.5 for Grand Theft Auto V PC