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Grand Theft Auto V – 40% Discount On Steam, Priced At Only 35,99€ Until December 18th

PC gamers, here is a great deal for you. Rockstar Games and Valve are offering Grand Theft Auto V with a 40% discount until December 18th. This basically means that you can get this title at only 35,99€.

Grand Theft Auto V is considered one of the most optimized PC games of 2015. Unfortunately, though, Take-Two has been doing its best to kill some really amazing mods that were under development for Rockstar’s open world title.

Truth be told, we kind of expected Take-Two to send a C&D letter to every online mod that was under development for GTA V. After all, those mods were rivaling the game’s official online mode, something that – obviously – is against Take-Two’s interest.

Rockstar released today a new update for GTA V, and you can read its changelog here.

It will be interesting to see whether GTA V will receive a higher – or at least a better – special offer during Steam’s upcoming Winter Sale!