GOW: Ultimate Edition – Developers Answer Community Questions About Multi-GPU, Freesync, FPS Counters & More

The Coalition’s Cam, Technical Director for Gears of War: Ultimate Edition on Windows 10, has answered some community questions about it. According to Cam, The Coalition will be looking at adding a FOV option and Freesync support. The team is still working on adding multi-GPU support, and they may include options to skip the startup movies , add a Vertical-Sync option, as well as options for Depth of Field and Film-Grain effects.

Here is the complete list of answered questions from Cam:

FPS Counters
I agree. I know there are some out there that already work with UWP. We’ll look into adding something until there is more support.

Population Indicator
We’ve discussed this internally, let’s see how our playlist changes work out and then we can consider further changes.

Custom Lobby List
I’ll talk to the team, again we’ll see how the playlist changes work out.

Push to Talk
We don’t have much space for more options on the controller, but we’re considering this. I think it’s a good idea.

We all agree and are working with the platform team on this. The game is capable of much higher framerates than you’re seeing if your monitor is limited to 60hz.

Dedicated Servers and Other Game Modes
Gears absolutely uses dedicated servers. We will look at what’s happening and make sure all the game modes are working correctly. The playlist changes will help here.

EXE File
Gears does have an exe file. However, it’s run through the windows app container. The gaming community has given lots of feedback in this area and I’m sure it’s being heard.

VRAM Issues
The texture changes we’ve made will help with this.

For REDxBARCHETTA specifically, your 290X should get a 12-16% performance increase with the coming update. I will double check its performance numbers in 4K on Monday morning. We recommend the 390X for 4K, but the two cards are very similar (outside of VRAM). With our update, the Fury X will be much better at 4K.

Borderless Fullscreen
LegendaryDread has some good questions.
– Increased video requirements: We create our swap chain differently in UWP to manage this. Extra VRAM pressure generally comes from other things you’re running on the system and can affect us, this is the same in exclusive full screen.
– Multi GPU: There is no limitation here. We are working on adding mGPU.
– Strictly enforced V-sync: We are working with the platform team

Update Timing Clarity
The update is coming next week. I’ll continue to update the main post with what we’re working on.

Connection Issues
@Wake up NE0 – I’ve alerted our ops team and they are looking into your issue.