Google will announce the price, games and launch details for Stadia on June 6th

Google announced that it will hold its first ever Stadia Connect on June 6th, 2019, at 9AM PDT/6PM CET in which the company will reveal more Stadia news, including pricing, games, and launch details.

Google Stadia is a brand new gaming platform that will rely on the cloud. To be honest, when Stadia was initially announced I thought it was a gaming streaming platform that would allow gamers to play PC games on various devices and nothing more. Well, it appears that’s not what Stadia actually is. While numerous third-party titles will run on Stadia, it will also have some exclusive games.

In short, this is a new gaming platform that will be using the cloud and streaming capabilities, and those gaming on the PC will not have access to the Stadia games (unless a developer decides to port its game to the PC).

As such, and since we’re talking about a brand new gaming platform, we won’t be focusing on it (as we are primarily a PC-gaming website). We’ll definitely cover its pre-E3 event, however don’t expect a lot of news regarding this particular platform.

Google Stadia will support 4K/60 with HDR, and will allow players to stream up to 8K with 120fps. It will be using Linux and Vulkan, and will take advantage of a new NAVI GPU from AMD, offering 10.7 of Terraflops.

Stay tuned for more!