The Witcher 1 feature is offering the first Witcher game for free

The first Witcher game is currently available for free to players with a account. In an effort to promote the  spin-off game derived from within the Witcher trilogy, Gwent, has included an enhanced edition of the first game as a signing-on bonus of sorts.

If you have a account, follow this link and click on the big ‘Subscribe and Claim’ orange button to secure your free copy. Once you have downloaded the site’s client, GOG Galaxy, you can then proceed to subscribe to their official newsletter. As part of the promotion, you will also need to add the game Gwent to your games library (an installation is not required). This game is also free.

After completing the aforementioned steps, the enhanced edition of the first game is yours to try and keep. While perhaps not the best game in the series, The Witcher was a mixed bag of brilliant story telling, bugs and a unique take on the fantasy genre that captivated droves of players upon its release.

If you have always wondered what the fuss is about, and why Geralt of Rivia has become a household name in the modern gaming scene, this represents the perfect opportunity to start you off on this legendary trilogy. Gwent might also end up stealing hours from your life, so try that too.


Source: Glitched