GoD Factory: Wingmen – Now Available On Steam

Namco Bandai and Nine Dots Studio announced today that GoD Factory: Wingmen is out on Steam. GoD Factory: Wingmen is a multiplayer space-combat game played through fast-paced and intensely tactical 4 vs 4 player matches.

The game is described as a unique blend of competitive multiplayer and tactical space combat that aims to keep players busy and challenged for hundreds of hours.

In GoD Factory: Wingmen, players lead 4 original species to victory in a galactic battle under the silent watch of the gigantic GoD defying the laws of physics.

Players will develop and customize powerful vessel and embark on a strategic battle with their friends as they will share their gunships, cooperate and experience pure multiplayer greatness where every player’s contribution matters, survive the relentless fire of enemy players, and ultimately defeat the opponent’s Carrier.

Guillaume Bouchet-Vidal founder and president of Nine Dots Studio said:

“After everything we’ve been through, it’s amazing that the game made it to completion. Better yet, it is everything we wanted it to be. We’ll keep pushing the game further; there is so much more to explore in the GoD Factory universe!”