Goat Simulator To Be Released On April 1st

Coffee Stain Studios announced that its ridiculously amazing Goat Simulator will be released on April 1st. The game started out as early alpha footage of a tech demo that quickly snowballed out of control with people demanding the game be released for real. Coffee Stain answered by turning Goat Simulator into a real game, announcing it to be released on Steam.

Goat Simulator was inspired from old-school skating games, where, instead of being a skater, you’re a goat, and instead of doing skating tricks, you wreck stuff. Charging into a table and knocking it over yields points, and if you can manage to do it while doing a backflip first and a 360 afterwards, you’ll score even more points. With Steam integration, Goat Simulator will also support Steam Workshop where players will be able to make their own goats, missions, levels and more.

The first playable version of Goat Simulator for the public will be at the Coffee Stain Studios booth at GDC San Francisco, 17-21st March 2014. Visitors will also have the chance to try out A Story About My Uncle, a non-violent indie first-person adventure game developed by Gone North Games that is being published by Coffee Stain Studios and released in Summer 2014.