Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams – First Update Brings Code Optimizations, Improves Performance

Black Forest Games has released the first update for Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams that brings various code optimizations that improve the overall performance of this indie title, updates music and sound effects, brings a number of level tweaks, and adds more checkpoints. As always, this update will be auto-downloaded next time you start the Steam client and you can view tis complete changelog below. Enjoy!
Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams Update 1.0.1 Changelog:
– More code optimizations for smoother frame rates.
– Removed and/or altered final boss attacks that could trap you or catch you by surprise. Shield gem now spawns after phase 2 instead of after phase 1.
– More checkpoints!
– Miscellaneous level tweaks.
– Trampolines now have more lenient timing.
– Updated music and sound effects.
Bug Fixes
– Alt-tabbing should no longer cause any issues.
– Dashing into an enemy and rebounding into another should no longer get you killed except in some rare cases.
– Missing screen resolutions for certain refresh rates have been fixed.
– Game no longer crashes if you have no sound card or deactivate it.
– The idle animation can now also be canceled with a crouch as intended.
– Jumping on owls in Score Attack now gives you points as it should.
– Dashing at turtles should now be easier.
– Bricks now always shatter if you dash through them.
– Some erroneous EN text in non-EN languages has been fixed.
– Miscellaneous small fixes to the launcher.