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Ghostrunner will use Ray Tracing to improve reflections, ambient occlusion and shadows

In an video interview with NVIDIA, One More Level’s lead artist revealed some new tech details about Ghostrunner. According to Damiant, Ghostrunner will have real-time ray tracing that will improve its shadows, reflections and ambient occlusion.

As Damiant said when asked about the RTX effects in Ghostrunner:

“So we’re basically using Ray Tracing to improve three major parts of the game. We have plenty of dynamic lights that cast soft shadows so those applied to both area lights and point lights. We also have fully real-time ray traced reflections which is pretty cool for the kind of environment we set our game in. There is plenty of wet surfaces that reflect a lot of light. And obviously ambient occlusion which is much better with ray tracing. The kind of ambient occlusion we are getting right now does not produce any artifacts you might know from screen space ambient occlusion.”

Moreover, Damiant said that it was really easy for their small team to implement these ray tracing effects. One More Level features 25 developers, and according to the Lead Artist it was really easy to enable all of the aforementioned RT effects.

Ghostrunner will be using Unreal Engine 4 and targets a 2020 release. From what we’ve seen, this feels like a mashup of Mirror’s Edge with Dishonored and Blade Runner.

Enjoy the following video which features additional gameplay footage from this game!

Ghostrunner - Fast-Paced, Ninja Action With RTX Reflections