Gears of War E-Day feature-2

Gears of War: E-Day will have Ray Tracing for Lighting, Reflections & Shadows

A couple of days ago, Microsoft revealed a prequel to the first Gears of War game, called Gears of War: E-Day. Gears of War: E-Day will be powered by Unreal Engine 5, and today we can share some additional tech details about it.

According to MS, Gears of War: E-Day will be using Ray Tracing to enhance its Lighting, Reflections and Shadows. Moreover, the game will have over 100x more environment and character details than Gears 5. The Coalition also promises to implement next generation destruction and gore. Not only that the game will have cutting-edge animation tech. In other words, this promises to be one of the best-looking games in UE5.

Since Gears of War: E-Day uses UE5, we can assume that the ray-traced lighting will be Lumen. After all, Lumen is a form of Ray Tracing. As for the ray-traced shadows, MS might be referring to Virtual Shadow Maps. And yes, we also assume that the game will take advantage of Nanite.

The Coalition has also re-confirmed that the game’s debut trailer was an in-engine trailer, and not a CG trailer. Although we don’t know on what platform it was running, it was not a pre-rendered video. So, let’s wait and see whether the devs will be able to match those graphics.

Gears of War: E-Day takes place fourteen years before Gears of War. War heroes Marcus Fenix and Dom Santiago return home to face a new nightmare: the Locust Horde. These subterranean monsters, grotesque and relentless, erupt from below, laying siege on humanity itself.

Now what’s also interesting is that this new GoW: E-Day won’t be an open-world game. Instead, it’s going to be an entirely linear game. That’s coming straight from the mouth of the game’s director, Nicole Fawcette. And, to be honest, I’m glad the game won’t chase the open-world trend. Let the devs tell a compelling linear story instead.

And that is that. There is currently no ETA on when this new GoW game will come out. Naturally, though, we’ll be sure to keep you posted.

Stay tuned for more!