Gears of War 4 – Crossplay test weekend between Xbox One & PC coming this Friday

The Coalition announced that a crossplay test weekend will be held this Friday that will enable Xbox One and PC players to play against each others. According to the developers, this test is being conducted to evaluate the potential of a more permanent Crossplay solution in the future to allow PC and Xbox One gamers to play together in Versus outside of Private Matches. 

The purpose of this weekend is to give Crossplay a trial run in a public playlist.

“We care deeply about players on both platforms and we’ve heard you, so our goal is to use this event to bring in a ton of data and listen to feedback from players on both platforms to examine the results.”

Once The Coalition uses the combination of its data and players’ feedback together, it will be able to make an informed next step. However, the team claimed that it won’t be making any surprise changes all of a sudden based on this weekend.

This is an amazing feature we hope to see in more PC games, especially to those that are exclusive to Microsoft’s Xbox One console.