Gears 5 new feature

Gears 5 Title Update 5 releases today, improves bots, fixes bugs & crashes, brings PC-specific tweaks

Microsoft and The Coalition announced that a brand new update for Gears 5 will release later today. According to the teams, Title Update 5 will improve multiplayer bots, will fix a number of bugs and crashes, and will feature some PC-specific tweaks.

Going into more details, Gears 5 Title Update 5 will improve bot behavior across every difficulty. Thus, bots will less frequently follow the same path/clump together in packs. Moreover, bots will less frequently use long-range weapons in situations where short range weapons are appropriate (and vice versa). Bots will also now make use of cover more frequently, and beginner bots will now roadie-run when appropriate.

Title Update 5 will also improve consistency of finishing off DBNO opponents with melee when holding a meatshield. It will also resolve an issue where, sometimes, players could teleport if staggered while wall-bouncing. Not only that, but it will fix an issue that could cause severe server corrections if a player initiates a swat turn or roll immediately after having a cover move blocked by a player.

As said, this Gears 5 patch also comes with some PC-specific tweaks. For instance, it fixes an issue causing Escape Map The Hive’s ambient lights to be too dark, causing players to be unable to see properly. It also addresses a bug related to split-Screen. Thus, setting dynamic shadows to ultra will no longer add a layer of fog/atmosphere over player two’s screen. Additionally, returning to the previous menu via back/thumb button on the mutator selection screen will respond consistently to input.

Windows Store will download the Gears 5 Title Update 5 once it becomes available later today. You can also find the complete changelog for this patch here.