GDC Europe 2013 Broke Attendance Records, Will Return Next Year

GDC Europe 2013
2013 Game Developers Conference Europe have announced 2,250 attendees across at least 56 countries enjoyed the conference and exhibits for last week’s show in Cologne, setting an attendance record for the largest game development show in Europe.
According to the press release we got, almost 15 countries sent more than 25 attendees to GDC Europe 2013, including host country Germany, the UK, Holland, Finland, Sweden, Poland, and Italy.
In addition, more than 25 countries had at least 10 game developers and businesspeople attending – including Turkey, Spain, Ireland, with strong U.S. and Canadian presence and those from even further afield like Australia and Brazil.
Organizers have revealed that the conference will return to Cologne, Germany on August 11-13, 2014. It’s once again co-located with gamescom, the leading European interactive entertainment consumer trade show, set to take place August 13-17, 2014.
In its fifth year, GDC Europe 2013 welcomed close to 130 national and international speakers and more than 75 exhibitors and sponsors. The conference featured more than 90 lectures and panels on the best practices in game development across five Main Conference tracks (Business, Marketing & Management, Design, Production, Programming and Visual Arts) and three summits (Free to Play Design & Business Summit, Smartphone and Tablet Games Summit and Independent Games Summit).
Hot topics included virtual reality games, cinematic game experiences, next gen consoles and the definition of next generation game development. International challenges and opportunities, publishing and marketing in mobile games, free to play and community management were also popular themes.
There were many talks that the attendees buzzed about on-site and on social media, including: Oculus VR co-founders Palmer Luckey and Nate Mitchell discussing a path forward for better VR games; Ubisoft’s Far Cry 3 director Patrick Plourde’s debut of the new JRPG 2D sidescroller Child of Light, in development by a small team; Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls developer David Cage’s compelling talk on the future of cinematic games and why developers must learn from the film industry; celebrated industry vet Don Daglow’s talk about next gen challenges and how to think beyond graphics; and Microsoft’s Kevin Perry’s talk about designing monetization for Age of Empires Online.