Gas Powered Games Is Going Down, Massive Layoffs Spotted

Gas Powered Games
Sweet Mary of Jesus, now that’s a big surprise. Yesterday, we posted the first in-game ‘early’ footage of Wildman. Wildman is an RTS/RPG hybrid, that is being kickstarted by Gas Powered Games, the company behind Supreme Commander and Dungeon Siege series. However, it seems that the company is going down, as the Kickstarter did not take off and as a result of that, Taylor laid off a substantial number of the team.
It’s a bit ironic, but we kind of see why fans have not backed this project up (or not embraced it as much as GPG hoped to). A lot of its fans have been asking for a new Dungeon Siege game, something that could obviously give GPG a big boost. Now we know that GPG does not have the rights for that IP, but they could kickstart a spiritual successor to it.
But anyway, that is irrelevant at this point. Taylor said that he didn’t want to gamble with its employees’ lives. Taylor is afraid that if he runs the team through the entire campaign and the campaign fails, he’ll have to let everyone go, shut down the company and noone will get paid for this entire month. And that was something that Taylor felt it was not worth it.
All hope is not lost though. If the Kickstarter hits its $1.1 million goal, Taylor will re-hire his team (or at least those who have not found shelters to other companies) and create Wildman.
The big question now is: will Gas Powered Games go down or not? Will PC gamers back this project up, or will another PC-exclusive developer seize to exist?