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Gaming GPUs are going to get a lot more expensive due to Import Tariffs from China

Well, it appears that 2021 isn’t off to a great start as PC gaming components including graphics cards and motherboards are going to get even more expensive. According to a recent report coming via New York Times, the Chinese import tariff exemptions have expired this year, so as a result of this the GPU pricing is expected to increase significantly.

Expect the tariffs to start from a minimum range value of between 7.5%-25%, which will massively increase the GPU’s cost and other components in the process as well. So depending on which pricing bracket GPUs fall in, the price increases for consumers and gamers can be significant.

Other PC components are also likely to be affected by this move, too, including Motherboards, SSDs, power supplies and ATX cabinets. American companies will now have to pay higher taxes on some of the products they import from China, as the tariff exclusions that had protected many businesses from President Trump’s trade war expired with the arrival of a new year (2021).

Most of the major PC components have already witnessed a major shortage worldwide, and while some companies have assured that the situation will get better by 2021, it looks like the New Year isn’t off to a great start.

ASUS recently announced an increase in price for all their PC components including graphics cards and motherboards. The company says it needs to raise GPU and motherboard prices due to logistical complications and import tariffs, and other GPU vendors, like Zotac, EVGA, Gigabyte and MSI are likely to follow suit.

ASUS cited several reasons behind the increase in prices. These include the increased cost of components that are required to assemble the finished product, an increase in operating cost, logistic activities, and the continuation of import tariffs.

Most importantly, we also have to take into consideration that the world is still not free from COVID and the global pandemic.

The second half of 2020 was kind of a mixed bag for the PC and gaming industry, and 2021 doesn’t look that bright either. A Reddit user has noted that the increase in MSRP should be at least about $80 for every major GPU manufacturer in the market. The US federal register issued notice can be found here.

2021 Q1 and Q2 are likely to be rough quarters for PC hardware prices. Also, given the recent bloom in the Cryptocurrency Mining craze, expect severe GPU shortages and price hikes as well. The rising cryptocurrency prices could be disastrous for anyone in the market looking for a gaming GPU, reports Tom’s Hardware.

Graphics cards were already very short in supply before this rise in cryptocurrency value. And the demand for high-end gaming Graphics cards is still higher than previously expected.

Both Nvidia and AMD’s products have already witnessed a shortage in supply with scalpers being able to sell them for double the MSRP on Ebay and other outlets, but now you’re going to be competing with miners, scalpers, bots, and other gamers, should you plan to buy the latest hardware.

Upcoming high-end Ampere cards like the RTX 3080 Ti will be even harder to get now after the rise in the cryptocurrency value.

Lastly, AMD 500-series and the upcoming Intel 500 series platform Motherboard prices will also be increased as a direct result of this. So expect higher prices for motherboards than what you paid for previous-gen SKUs/models within the same price bracket.

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