Game of Thrones – Beyond the Wall DLC Released

Today, Focus Home Interactive offers players to extend their Game of Thrones experience with a quest DLC, and to travel to lands feared by all inhabitants of the Seven Kingdoms… a frozen, hostile territory, feared because of the dangers it represents, but also for all the legends talking about what lies beyond: the Northern lands, laying north of the gigantic Wall protected by the Night’s Watch.
With the downloadable content “Beyond the Wall” for Game of Thrones”, players plunge into the dark past of Mors Westford, during his early years in the Night’s Watch, long before the events of the main story. Offering up to 2 hours of additional gameplay, this new quest brings them at the heart of the Wildlings’ territory, the merciless outcast warriors, sworn enemies of the Night’s Watch. What started like a simple patrol on top of the Wall will quickly become a real frozen hell for Mors and his companions.
Through this new chapter of Game of Thrones, players will learn more about the past, the origin and the scars of Mors “The Butcher” Westford! We offer you to discover now a sneak peek at what awaits you beyond the wall, though these 6 exclusive screenshots directly taken from Mors’ new quest Beyond the Wall.
Game of Thrones, the role playing game developed by Cyanide, managed in spite of some justified critics, to unite a nice audience of players on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC thanks to a captivating story, finishing on a gripping ending taking really into account the choices made by players throughout their adventure. Players lived an epic tale, in parallel of the first book of the formidable fantastic saga from George R.R. Martin, a tale praised by press, players, and canonized by the author of A Song of Ice and Fire himself.
The DLC “Beyond the Wall” for Game of Thrones is now available on PC world wide and on Xbox LIVE in Europe, for €4.99/£3.99/400 MS points. It will be available on PlayStation Network the weeks to come.