Gaijin’s post-apocalyptic free-to-play vehicular combat MMO, Crossout, releases on May 30th

Targem Games and Gaijin Entertainment announced that they will launch their post-apocalyptic free-to-play Action MMOG Crossout on May 30th. As the press release reads, Crossout is set in 2047 after a mysterious viral epidemic known as the ‘Crossout’ which has laid waste to most of the population on Earth.

Players will have to battle for precious resources using deadly vehicles crafted from millions of possible permutations (body shape, armor, weapons, support systems and cosmetic enhancements).

Stanislav Skorb, CEO at Targem Games, said:

“Crossout blends high-octane MMO gameplay with the unique ability to customize vehicles. In the Closed Beta, our players have crafted vehicles we never imagined possible, terrifying in design and deadly in their execution. They have designed hundreds of thousands of never before seen machines, and more than 65,000 of them have issued blueprints for road warriors to emulate. We cannot wait to see what they craft when we launch the game on PC and consoles.”

Crossout will offer complete customization, without classes or patterns make for thousands and thousands of options. Players can combine parts and resources to create advanced technology, trade or sell at the in-game marketplace with other players

The game promises to feature an advanced damage modeling that will affect vehicle performance. Parts fly off, engine blocks explode, wheels and roofs tear away and vehicles vaporize.


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