Dune Artwork

Funcom and NUKKLEAR are working on an online multiplayer survival Dune game

NUKKLEAR has announced that it is partnering with developer Funcom on their upcoming survival game set in the world of Frank Herbert’s Dune. NUKKLEAR will be taking on a co-development role, helping to realize the expanded scope of the title previously announced by Funcom.

In 2019, Funcom announced that it had secured the rights to make a game based on the popular sci-fi franchise, Dune. The untitled project will take inspiration from Funcom’s most successful title, Conan Exiles, and be an online multiplayer survival game. After investment from Tencent, the Dune project also greatly expanded its scope.

Kirk Lenke, CEO of NUKKLEAR, said:

“We’re grateful to Funcom for bringing us on to help bring Dune to a new audience. We’ve supported and collaborated on many projects over the years, but taking on Dune is by far the biggest yet. Our team welcomes the challenge and is confident in the expertise that NUKKLEAR brings to the table.”

Rui Casais, Funcom CEO, also added:

“As the Dune open-world survival game is the most ambitious project we’ve ever undertaken at Funcom, having skilled and reliable partners is an absolute must. With NUKKLEAR we have just that. We’ve benefited particularly from their expertise in vehicular-based gameplay, but I know them as highly skilled and creative game developers in general.”

Unfortunately, this Dune game is still in a really early development phase. Thus, there is no teaser trailer for it as of yet. The only thing we’ve got is the following artwork.

Stay tuned for more!

Dune Artwork