Freeware FPS adventure ‘AscendAon’ is now available; an indie mix of Skyrim and XIII

We weren’t sure at first whether we should inform you about this indie FPS adventure game or not. You see, it looks kind of cool (reminds of a weird mashup of Skyrim’s exploration and XIII’s visuals) but it’s not something that will blow your mind. Then we saw that it was distributed for free, so hey… free stuff, we would say no to that?
AscendAon is a First-Person Adventure game that promises to immerse players into a frozen wasteland. Players will use their trusty Grapple Gun and Rock Climbing Rope to scavenge for resources scattered around the environment and reach the top of the mountain to radio for help.
AscendAon was developed by 2 point 1 Studio based in Brisbane, and can be downloaded from IndieDB.
AscendAoN Official Gametrailer