Chained Echoes feature

Free demo released for the SNES-style JRPG, Chained Echoes, for a limited time

Deck13 and Matthias Linda have released a free demo for their upcoming SNES-style JRPG, Chained Echoes. This demo is based on the game’s pre-alpha build, and will give you a small glimpse at what you can expect from it.

According to Matthias Linda, this free demo will be available for a limited time. From today and until September 7th, PC gamers can head over at its official Steam store page and download it.

Deck13 and Matthias Linda explained why they’ll be taking the demo down on September 7th.

“We will take down the demo around September 7th. We thought about taking it down as soon as Gamescom ends, but we wanted to give everyone a chance to give it a try. Why take it down? The thing is: Yes, it shows off Chained Echoes but it does not represent the final quality of the game. And we’re more than a year away from the release.”

Here are also some additional details about this pre-alpha demo of Chained Echoes.

  • There is no progression system in the demo. The skills are not upgradeable. The weapons aren’t either. The system is, more or less, in place already but for the demo we had to cut it out and change the balancing.
  • The Combat System is not yet fully finished. You will still have fun (at least we hope so) but especially the Overdrive system will be way more complex in the final game, offering multiple stages of Overdrive and Overheat.
  • The dialogues were written exclusively for the Demo. There are no story spoilers in the Demo. And there aren’t that many dialogues just yet. And not many options. The GUI for these, also when exploring the world, is just placeholder stuff.
  • There are no real options in the Demo. And the Dualshock layout has not yet been implemented.
  • The Menus are not finished
  • Everything you see may change. We tease quite a few features but do not really show them off. Again: Keep in mind this is very much pre-alpha.

Have fun!