Fortnite will most probably come to other platforms at a later date, hints at next-generation consoles

Call us unimpressed but Cliff Bleszinski has stated that Fortnite might be coming to other platforms at a later date. Fact is that Fortnite was originally a multi-platform title that was developed on Unreal Engine 3. We thought there was something fishy with this PC exclusive thing and it seems we were correct, as Fortnite is not developed to take advantage of PC gaming. It’s ironic, but in our Editorial – three posts below – we said that Minecraft was great on consoles and Fortnite could work as good as Notch’s title. We were right, there is no doubt about that.
As Bleszinski tweeted:
“To be clear – Fortnite is PC primary and first, but we wouldn’t rule out the possibility of other platforms later.”
Although Bleszinski insists that this is a PC primary title, we slowly begin to understand what Epic Games had in mind all this time. And let us tell you that a PC focused game needs a lot of work to be ported to consoles, as it targets to a completely different group of players. Unless of course its gameplay and design mechanics are structured in a way that can be friendly to consoles. Ding ding ding. And we have a winner.
Do not also forget that Unreal Engine 4 will be scaleable, meaning that a console version is most likely to happen. Still, the fact that the game is debuting on the PC could mean that Epic Games will release Fortnite on next-generation consoles.