Formula Fusion – Spiritual Successor To Wipeout – Officially Announced, Early Access Version In June 2015

8 Games Ltd and The Designers Republic announced today that they will be joining forces to develop a newspiritual successor to Wipeout; Formula Fusion. Combining decades of development and design expertise, Formula Fusion aims to represent the next big leap forward for the genre onto next gen consoles.

Previously known for Wipeout’s award winning graphic design direction and a wide range of iconic brands; The Designers Republic will work side by side with the developers to promote and establish the visual style design aspects for the game.

Formula Fusion is currently in pre-production and promises many enhancements over the original version of Wipeout, including; craft and technology customisation, track editing tools, synchronous multiplayer with online leagues and a new hyper-speed mode.

The game will be initially developed for the PC Steam gaming community with console versions to follow soon afterwards.

A spokesperson for R8 Games said:

“We are bowled over by the amount of interest we have had so far! Adding TDR to the mix marks our intention to give fans what they want. We are attempting to break new ground and reinvigorate the AG Racing Genre with a cutting edge Adrenaline fuelled Racing Experience!”

Ian Anderson, Founder TDR, added:

“I always said we’d never do another Wipeout. After Wip3out, the third instalment, with the original team dispersing if not already long gone, The Idea was degenerating into a marketing led franchise — from our perspective — an ever decreasing circle of senseless reiteration cranked out for cash. The difference for us with Formula Fusion is the return to values behind the game — the desire to make it, and the community aspect — the desire to not only play it, but to contribute to creating it. The community, and the opportunity to engage with it, are the drivers behind TDR’s re-engagement with The Idea. 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 – GO!”

An early access version of Formula Fusion will be made available through the Steam Store in June 2015, with the full version expected in Q2 2016.