Former Eidos project marketing manager Agnes Kwiecien joins Lace Mamba Global

Lace Mamba Global announced that on July 01st, 2011, Agnes Kwiecien joined the marketing department as a Product Manager. In her new role, she will coordinate marketing and PR campaigns for local as well as international releases. She reports to Claas Wolter, Head of PR & Marketing.

Jason Codd, Managing Director Lace Mamba Global said:
“Agnes is a great addition to our international marketing team. Her expertise will be a great support to manage our constantly growing line up and to prepare ourselves for our big Q3 and Q4 as well as 2012 releases, including the retail version of Red Orchestra 2 – Heroes of Stalingrad, Men of War: Vietnam and one of the strongest adventure game line ups in the industry.”
In the past, Agnes has been working in several industry roles, including Consultant positions at TripleACodes and Animalive / Animazoo as well as a Project Marketing Manager for Eidos Interactive and as the Export Marketing Executive EMEA for NCsoft Europe.